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If you're looking for a way to add interest to your home or business, consider installing a freshwater aquarium. Tropical fish are colorful and have educational appeal. An aquarium can excite your family, friends and clients.

Carl at Treasure Cove Tropicals will help you create a stunning tank setup with iridescent fish, luxurious freshwater aquarium plants and your choice of decorative elements. As the owner of a tropical fish store in Coralville, IA, he's learned how to care for numerous species and maintain residential and commercial freshwater tanks of all sizes.

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Whether you recently bought an aquarium or you've been caring for tropical fish for years, sometimes you need advice about keeping your tank clean and healthy for its colorful inhabitants.

Treasure Cove Tropicals is more than just a tropical fish store. Our knowledgeable team lends a helping hand to freshwater fish hobbyists in Coralville, IA and surrounding areas. If you're concerned about your tank, don't hesitate to call us.

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